The Clubhouse app was launched in March 2020 for IOS users only and now has about 1 million users. On this app you will find users from all over the world, ranging from celebrities, businesses, and the average person, having conversations with each other. 

If this is the first time you are hearing of this, it is probably due to the platforms invite-only exclusivity. The only way you can join this app is if you have an invite code from an existing user. Every new user only gets two invites, however, they can earn more the more they use the app. 

So what is it?

Clubhouse allows you to listen and join in on other people’s live conversations, like an audio-chat social network. There is no video involved, only a profile picture when you enter a room. 

The app offers a page full of conversational topics to follow, such as:

  • Sports  
  • Tech 
  • Places  
  • Faith 
  • Wellness
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In each room, you’ll find people interested in the same thing and you can follow them. The more topics and people you follow, the more likely you are to get suggestions for a room that fits your interests. 

The conversations are open to any member who can find it, with the room capacity currently at 5,000 users. The moderator, or the person that creates the room is “in charge” of who can speak, but anyone can “raise their hand” and the moderator can invite you to the stage to speak. 

Conversation rooms are live and come and go as people launch or end them. They are not recorded for playback. 

How do you know who to follow?

When you open the app you’re in the hallway and you’ll see a list of rooms. These rooms will mostly be based on the people and clubs you follow but you’ll also see trending rooms.

You can search terms that relate to your interests and it is a good way to find more people, rooms, and clubs to follow.

You’ll see three sections of people when you enter a room: 

  1. The stage; shows the speakers. 
  2. The front row; shows people followed by the speakers. 
  3. Last; shows the audience. 

You’ll discover other interesting people to follow on the stage or in the audience.

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How marketers can use this app?

Clubhouse presents an amazing opportunity to establish yourself or the brand you work with as a go-to resource and promote products, services, or events. 

Clubhouse makes it easy for people to find each other and assemble, it’s possible to connect with people you might not otherwise speak to for advice about partnerships, hiring, investments, and more


  • To share your brand story or your founding story
  • Connect with customers 
  • Get product feedback
  • Run impromptu focus groups
  • Generate marketing awareness 

In a way, you could use this platform to see what your competitors are doing. Since you are in the same industry, there is potential that you could be in the same room with them. You can use this as an opportunity to get the inside scoop of what they are doing, so you could strategize a way to get ahead of them or stay in the game.

Tip #1 Don’t always go to the room with more people

When you are first starting out, you may not have an immediate following. The chance of you being noticed in a crowd of 5,000 other people is slim. Rooms with 5, 10, or 20 people in the audience present a better chance you’ll be invited on stage and get a chance to talk.

When you’re brought on stage, don’t use your time to tell people who you are, what you do, who you work with, and so on. Instead, focus on delivering value.

Tip #2 Be sure the rooms you enter are relevant to your industry

Get to know the people who open the rooms. As you get more active and show up consistently, the people who host those rooms are more likely to pull you up onto the stage where people in the audience will notice you. The more you’re on stage, the more followers you’ll attract.

Then, every time you open a room or join a stage, the people who follow you will get a notification that you’re live. 

Tip #3 Optimize your Clubhouse Bio

Your bio is where you can tell everyone what you want to be known for. What you include in your bio will determine how people find you via searches in the member directory or the club directory, and the type of followers you attract.

Unlike other social media platforms, take the time to create an extended informational bio and include emojis. Clubhouse doesn’t support links in the bio, but include your username for each profile leading people to connect with and message you on your main social media accounts.

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Tip #4 Use Clubs 

Clubs make it easy to assemble people in advance for future events or rooms whether those rooms are public or private.

A club’s public rooms are open to anyone. Private rooms allow members to have discussions with one another or allow you to deliver exclusive access and information you don’t want to share publicly.

Your club can have multiple admins, which means you don’t have to personally create, host, and moderate every room. Choose to let your admins create rooms on behalf of your club. This could be influencers your brand works with or other employees.

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