When you spend time and money on something, like a car or a house, you make sure you do the required maintenance so everything runs smoothly. WordPress website maintenance works in a very similar way! Keeping up with updates, content, security and. functionality checks will help ensure the integrity of your site and steady traffic.

Maintenance Tips:

Check site frequently for functionality

If your website is down and no users happen to inform you that they’ve noticed it, or you don’t check the site until days later, you are losing traffic. If someone finds a down website, they most likely won’t have much interest in returning to it. This is all extra important if you rely on your website to make money through sales; a nonfunctional website for even a day can set revenue goals back. 


WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress updates its security, and plugins you may use also require updates. If you don’t test out plugins after updates, you may run into issues with the functionality and speed of your website. Luckily, checking their compatibility can be done by you, using a service or even with a different compatibility checker plugin. If you’re looking for some beginner WordPress plugin recommendations, check out ours here.  

Backup Often

When you have a computer or phone with all your information on it, you back it up regularly. The same goes for websites. Just like a computer, a good backup for your website ensures that you have the ability to restore it if something bad happens. The more you use and put content on your website, the more vital it is to make full backups and do so frequently. 

Add New Content

If you aren’t updating your website often, you can end up losing traffic. Most people don’t look for old information, and seeing a site with nothing new posted can even lead users to believe your business is no longer active. Adding new content is especially important for businesses who mainly rely on their website as a way of disseminating information about them. 


Why Is WordPress Website Maintenance Important?

Boosts traffic

By having new content and keeping up with aspects like SEO, your site will rank higher on search pages than those who don’t. Search engines give preference to sites that are speedy, highly functional and have updated content. 


Gives user optimized experience

It’s a good idea to share a range of content, which can be anything from blogs to collages to videos. These will help increase audience engagement, especially if you use interactive elements. By optimizing your site, you are both providing a positive experience and also expanding your reach for new clients. 

Keeps integrity of site protected

Security might be the most important reason to keep up with website maintenance. WordPress and other content management systems have frequent updates for software and security, so keeping up with those is the minimum. If you fall behind on updates, you risk wasting time and possibly jeopardizing your website’s data. 


Protects Your Business’s Reputation

Your website often reflects your public image.  Having a website that is messy, outdated and not functioning properly can reflect quite poorly on your business. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help you maintain a good website, and therefore a good reputation overall.  


If you want to explore more about website design for your. business, check out our page for it here. If you already a website but want to talk more about digital marketing and strategies, chat with us at Bad Rhino.