Facebook Traffic Ads

Facebook Traffic Ads are lacking and Facebook Ad Campaigns are suffering because of today’s desire for immediate gratification. The average business owner or digital marketer wants immediate results. But how does that effect their ad campaigns? They skip right to Facebook Lead Generation Ads and Conversion Ads, focusing only on lowering the cost per result. Since they skipped the Traffic Ad, shortly after running their lead and conversion ads they find themselves dissatisfied with the ad results. They have very few, if any, leads or conversions and they’re stuck wondering, “Why?” Well, would you fill out a lead form or purchase a product from a company if you’ve had no previous exposure to that company? Probably not.

What are Facebook Traffic Ads?

Very simply put, Facebook Traffic Ads are a way to drive traffic to a desired link; that link can be a blog post like this one, a YouTube video, a landing page, or a home page. Let’s dive deeper. Traffic is one of the possible objectives for a Facebook Ad. Once “Traffic” is established as the objective, your traffic ad can be optimized for link clicks, landing page views, impressions, or reach. More often than not, you will select either “Link Clicks’ or “Landing Page Views” and direct your audience to the desired link. Once your ad is up and running, your Facebook Pixel will be gathering very valuable information. Note that you may have to set up your Facebook Pixel. You can do so following these instructions from Charlie Lawrance. Anyway, let’s find out what is so valuable about the data your Traffic Ads help generate.

Why Facebook Traffic Ads?

Facebook Traffic Ads are the foundation for service or product based ad campaigns. They are capable of more than just driving traffic to a desired link. Traffic Ads are often the first point of contact with a potential customer and must provide value to capture that customer; hence the link to a free valuable piece of content. After the potential customer views that piece of content you automatically establish trust and more importantly, your Facebook Pixel records them as a (Your Destination) Visitor.

Taking Advantage of Facebook Traffic Ads

That is the valuable data that Facebook Traffic Ads help you gather; website, blog, and landing page visitors. Those visitors can then be put into a custom audience on Facebook that you can use with your lead and conversion ads in the future. To get an idea of how this audience comes into play, take a look at the campaign map example below.

Facebook Traffic Ads

What if You Skip Traffic Ads?

If you’re still doubting the importance of traffic ads, think of it in terms of this analogy: Foundation is to traffic ads as a home is to a successful ad campaign. That’s right, Facebook Traffic Ads are the foundation of your campaign. Without them, your funnels will be very diluted with uninterested people. The traffic ad separates the people with interest from those without any interest in your company. If you decide not to run a traffic ad, money that you put on lead generation ads and conversion ads will be wasted on uninterested people. By using traffic ads you, at the least, have an audience that has shown consideration.

Wrapping it All Up

Hopefully I’ve helped provide a basic understanding of how Facebook Traffic Ads can help your business.   I definitely suggest trying to test a few specific traffic campaigns and build up your custom audiences.   If you have any questions relating to Facebook Traffic Ads feel free to contact the Bad Rhino team here!