YouTube Studio added some new additions for creators this week. These updated options are now available for users to incorporate whenever they want.

After teasing the feature last month, YouTube Studio will now be including a dark mode feature for all creators. Dark modes on editing software have been praised for reducing the blue light exposure to your eyes, as well as improving eye strain from looking at screens. 

YouTube is also adding a new ‘Hashtag Autocomplete Suggestions’ feature. This button will provide you with a list of hashtags you may want to add based off what you’ve typed. The suggestions it gives will also show insights about how many videos and channels have used the tag. 

Seeing the popularity of certain hashtags may be important for some creators, but using a popular hashtag does not mean guaranteed success for a video. 

The third feature is an insights page that’s updated in real-time. It’ll show both channel and video-specific insights in the mobile app, making those features more accessible for creators. You will now be able to track your insights more closely this way, which can be a useful tool when testing. 

The final new YouTube Studio feature to be added is a ‘mentions’ tab on comments page. This way, text that is just a comment will be kept separate from text where your account is mentioned by username.

YouTube Studio comments inbox

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