Snapchat launched six immersive AR shopping experiences on Black Friday. The Snap Holiday Market using AR (Augmented Reality) can be accessed using the Lens Carousel and the “For You” tab in Lens Explorer.

What Is It?

The Snap Holiday Market is an effort by Snapchat to increase their eCommerce involvement using augmented reality lenses for shopping. The new AR tools began being launched on Black Friday but will continue through the holiday season. On December 6, Snapchat launched an out-of-home campaign in New York City to encourage its users to open the app and “scan to shop” various QR codes. Snapchat aims to use these tools as a way of attracting businesses who want to reach younger customers.

Snapchat vice president of U.S. advertiser solutions Luke Kallis said in a statement, “The holiday shopping season is a critical time for brands to engage with consumers, and AR is the most personal, immersive and effective way to do so. At Snap, we believe that AR stands not only for augmented reality, but also for ‘additional reach’ and ‘accelerated results.’”

Snapchat’s Holiday Market will also feature a “Scan to Shop” tool where users can scan Snapcodes to activate AR Lenses.

Which Brands Are Part of It?

There are virtual stores for Walmart, Hollister, Under Armour, Verizon, Amazon Prime Video and Coca-Cola. Additionally, these stores will make up the Snap Holiday Market, a place where “Snapchatters will be able to browse products and holiday deals in an AR space that’s been custom-built and unique to each brand,” said Snapchat.

Even more fashion and beauty brands will be running AR shopping lenses, including:

  • American Eagle
  • Fendi
  • Dior
  • Kaja Beauty
  • NYX Cosmetics
  • Shein
  • Tory Burch

Hollister’s AR experience is a virtual version of the in-store shopping experience. On the other hand, Under Armour’s AR includes an ice-covered stadium with displays of the sports season’s latest activewear outfits. Each one of the AR experiences give customers the option to buy things through the Lens, reducing any clunkiness from having to go through multiple pages or portals.

As the holiday season approaches, many companies are finding new ways to merge shopping with social media. Statistics show that eCommerce is popular with younger audiences, making companies like Snapchat a key player. Snapchat’s user base includes over 200 million users of AR every day, making it an excellent place to use AR shopping as a marketing tool. According to Snapchat eCommerce data, Snap saw a 119% increase in total online purchases from its user base in November and December compared to the year prior. It’s apparent that digital marketing and online shopping are becoming an increasingly important part of social media.

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