On this episode of the Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast, we interview Dan Wright from West Chester Pennsylvania. Dan Wright went out on a limb in 2003 when he founded Tree Top Builders, but it wasn’t without precedent. Treehouse construction was actually the culmination of several of his past life experiences. He and his dad built a treehouse when he was 8 years old. He used it year-round, whether to stockpile water balloons or snowballs. A few years later, he built a 41-foot-high tree house platform, zip line, climbing wall, and ropes course at a youth camp in New Hampshire. Over the years, he helped maintain and facilitate the use of 4 different challenge courses. Finally, after gathering years of carpentry experience as a custom ground house builder, he branched out into the treehouse realm. 

In this episode, we discuss the start of Dan’s businesses and the differences between Tree Top Builders, Tree House Suppliers, and Treehouse World. We also talk about the competition in the space and how he has benefitted from networking.