Most people don’t come up with holiday or seasonal gifts all on their own. People usually turn to search engines or social media platforms for ideas or websites to purchase products from. You first may think of Google, Instagram, or Facebook, but you do not want to overlook Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows users to search for products, recipes, home décor, inspiration, and more. Especially around the holidays, users will flock to Pinterest for inspiration, ideas, or to even purchase products. If you haven’t already included Pinterest in your business’ marketing strategy, around the holidays is a great time to start. Learn about some of the best ways to use Pinterest around the holidays below.


Create Holiday-Themed Boards

When searching for gifts or inspiration, most people would prefer to look at images rather than text. Pinterest allows users to do just that, which is why it has become such popular platform. Around the holidays, users tend to search Pinterest for gifts to purchase, DIY gift ideas, or home décor inspiration. Users search Pinterest using keywords or phrases, and then can filter their search by deciding whether they want to view pins, boards, products, etc. as shown below.


So, to ensure that your brand is appearing in all areas of search, create holiday-themed boards! If you create a board with a specific theme and populate it with pins of your products and items relevant to the theme, you’ll most likely receive more saves, followers, and overall engagement.


Use SEO-Friendly Keywords

Although Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, don’t ignore your written pin, board, and brand descriptions. Your words can be the deciding factor on whether your pin is seen or not by users. Adding a couple keywords in your product and board descriptions can help it land on the first page of results. Keep general SEO rules in mind, and don’t flood your descriptions with keywords. Around the holidays, be sure to include general words and phrases in your descriptions that people tend to use. For example, users tend to search for “Holiday gift guides”, “Christmas gift ideas”, “Holiday party décor inspo”, and more.


Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins are organic pins that automatically sync information from your website to your pin. They allow you to link the images to your website and to the product and can provide price and availability for the product directly on Pinterest. Rich pins can be products, blog posts, or recipes. They can be a powerful tool around the holidays, as it allows users to view product information without having to leave the Pinterest platform. Rich pins are synced with your website, so if a price is changed for a product on your website, it will change on the pin as well. So, if you’re planning to run a holiday promotion, rich pins can be a great way for potential customers to become more aware of your products on Pinterest.



Use Promoted Pins

Like any other social media platform, Pinterest gives you the option to run paid advertisements. You can promote your pins to get them ranked higher on results pages and seen by more users. You decide how much you want to spend and if you want the goal to be more engagement, such as re-pins, or to increase traffic to your website. If you have some extra funds in your budget, promoted pins are a great method to get more traffic back to your website.


If you’re starting fresh on Pinterest, read our blog about how to get started or contact Bad Rhino to help!