Do you find yourself favoring specific stores or brands over others because you have always purchased that brand and you enjoy their products? Or do you tend to buy the same brands when you go grocery shopping when there are other brands that have the same product for sale? If you said yes to either of these questions, congratulations, you are a brand loyal customer! Brand loyalty is a difficult thing for businesses to maintain with their customers due to the large variety of brands competing against one another. However, if your business can maintain loyal customers, it can be a great asset for your brand. Learn about brand loyalty and how to build it using social media below.


What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is defined as the tendency of consumers to continue to purchase the same brand of goods or services rather than competing brands. In simple terms, brand loyalty is having a favorite brand and sticking with it. For example, one of the biggest rivalries that still occurs to this day is Coke VS Pepsi. Brand loyal customers will always buy Coke at the grocery store and will not substitute Pepsi or vice versa. Extremely brand loyal customers may even refuse the competing brand if their favorite is unavailable.

Why is it Important?

Brand loyalty is an advantage you will want to have when running your business. It can drive in-store traffic, more visits and purchases on your website, WOM recommendations, and more. It is much more difficult and expensive to get new customers than to maintain loyal ones. In today’s world, a majority of your ability to build brand loyalty is going to come from building relationships with customers on social media.


How to Build Brand Loyalty through Social Media

brand loyalty

  1. Focus on Customer Service

Customers are not going to continue to purchase your products if they had poor customer service the first time around. Now, you may think customer service happens at your in-store location, but it also happens on social media. Ensure that you respond to any of your customers’ reviews, feedback, or comments on your posts or in your DMs. If you come across any negative customer experience on one of your pages, be sure to amend the situation to keep that customer satisfied and to show other customers that you care.


  1. Share Customer Feedback

When a customer shares a great review, don’t just keep that to yourself! Publishing customer testimonials give others the opportunity to see hear what real customers think about your products and services. Social proof, like customer reviews, reinforces current customers’ trust in your business in addition to attracting new customers. It’s a win, win! If you’re new to sharing feedback on social media, check out our article on how to share customer reviews.


  1. Create Exciting Challenges

Social media challenges are a great way to get your customers engaged and enjoying the culture of your business. Have your customers rate your products or post content with your products on their pages in return for prizes, discounts, or free items. Challenges keep your current customers excited about your business and expand your reach to newer customers as well. You may even want to feature customers’ content on your business’ social platforms to spice up your feed with some UGC.


  1. Shout Out your Team Members

Showing off your team members and employees on your socials is a great way to improve your business’ personality and culture. It creates authenticity on your page and gives customers the chance to see “behind the scenes” of your business. Not only does it help maintain brand loyalty, but it also keeps your employees excited and happy to work with you.


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