Recently, LinkedIn has added new tools to their platform so that businesses and creators can dive deeper into information about your audience and content strategies. The following new tools may be a great stepping stone for businesses looking to improve their presence on LinkedIn.


Follower Growth and Demographics

The first new feature that LinkedIn pertains to information about your followers and is located under the “Audience” tab in LinkedIn Analytics. You will now be able to view and track your audience growth as well as a breakdown of the type of people viewing your posts. Your followers will be broken down into job titles, location, industries, seniority, company size, and company name so that you have a better understanding of who you are reaching.

LinkedIn Analytics


As stated by LinkedIn…

This information can help you determine if a conversation topic, new visual format, or speaking opportunity may have influenced your follower growth, helping you inform your strategy moving forward.


The new audience analytics may be a great tool to use to help determine if the content you are posting is reaching the right people. As a business on LinkedIn, you will want to understand your follower growth and the demographics of your target audience to have a successful presence.


Top Performing Posts

LinkedIn is also adding a section under the “Posts” tab in LinkedIn Analytics so that you can easily identify your top performing posts. You will be able to view your top performing posts based on either impressions or engagement over your selected period of time. In this tab, you’ll get the opportunity to compare your posts with one another to examine what parts of your content strategy is working and what’s not.

LinkedIn Analytics


Exporting Data

Finally, LinkedIn gives users the ability to export this new data so they can share and examine it in a way that works best for them. So, now there is an easy way to share your audience, top performing posts, and other LinkedIn data with your boss, coworkers, and others so you can brainstorm on future steps for your business.


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