Top 3 Duck Hunting Fanatics Podcasts

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In this blog, we will rank the top three Duck hunting Fanatics Podcasts!

1. Episode 19 – The importance of trap and skeet for Duck Hunters.

Starting this list off at the #1 spot is our 19th episode. In this episode, we welcome Daniel Mancine of Mancine Outdoors. We start off discussing how he stays sharp in the offseason, which includes him telling us how he secretly pisses people off by practicing his duck calls in his truck. Daniel also talks about the importance of trap and skeet for all the duck hunters out there, and how he plans on staying motivated for next year. If you want to hear Daniel talk about these topics in further detail, and more, click on the picture below to head over to the episode.

2. How to Tickle A Ducks Fancy & Coax Him in with Proper Duck Calling

Next up is our episode with Kyle from In this podcast, we start off with Kyle explaining how to set up a smaller spread, which is his version of “keeping it simple”. He then goes on to discuss his ways behind a proper duck calling technique, and the importance of duck behavior. To hear more about Kyle’s skills, click the link to go right to the episode.

3. The Importance Of A Good Duck Hunting Dog

To bring up the rear of this list, we have our podcast on the importance of a good duck hunting dog. In this episode, we welcome our guest, Beau, from Beau’s Outdoors. In addition to speaking about duck hunting dogs, Beau discusses all things decoy maintenance and blind clean up, as well as some offseason tips. He also gives us a NE Colorado migration report, and how he’s been shooting tons of green heads. To listen to Beau and the rest of this episode click the video below. 

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