If you read our recent blog, you know that we recently attended The Great America Outdoor Show with more than 400 outdoor industry product owners and nonprofits. In this blog, we highlight the top 5 Fishing nonprofit organizations and their mission. 

Muskies Inc.

Muskies Inc. is the largest fishing and conservation organization in the world dedicated to the conservation of muskellunge. Their purpose is to promote muskellunge research and increase high-quality muskellunge fisheries. Muskies Inc also provides monthly informational magazines to members. Furthermore, if you are interested in joining Muskie Inc, check out their website here.

Muskies Inc

The Ike Foundation 

The Ike Foundation was founded by Michael “Ike” Iaconelli professional bass fisherman. Their goal is to introduce urban and rural children to the sport of fishing. Secondly, Ike hosts high-end bass fishing tournaments to raise funds for the nonprofit. Check out their full list of tournaments on their website. In conclusion, for any freshwater fisherman that is looking for a way to support the youth of fishing, The Ike Foundation is definitely worth checking out. 

The Ike Foundation Fishing Nonprofit

Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited is all about the conservation of freshwater streams and rivers. Having 387 chapters across the United States, Trout Unlimited makes it real easy for volunteers to get involved.  Trout Unlimted believes the key to better fishing is having a healthier habitat. For instance, they have a team of scientists who specialize in making sure our coldwater ways stay clean and sustainable.

Trout unlimited

Coastal Conservation Association

Coastal Conservation Association’s goal is to combat commercial overfishing along the coast of Texas. The CCA focuses on preserving and rehabilitating fish populations. The Coastal Conservation Association has an interactive map to find the chapter that is close to you. If you are passionate about coastal saltwater fishing, check out the Coastal Conservation Association

Coastal Conservation Association Fishing Nonprofit


Bonefish & Tarpon Trust 

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s goal is to conserve the bonefish, tarpon, and permit species and their habitat. Through science, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust works to protect healthy fisheries and habitats and restore the fisheries on the decline. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust works to develop healthy tarpon fisheries throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Southeast United States, and the Caribbean. Use the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust website for education about catch and release and Weight calculators

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