As an outdoor enthusiast, we all belong to a group of pages on social media that produce great content, products, and tips. In the blog, we are highlighting the top 5 hunting brands on Social Media and what they do that separates them from every other brand.  

Sitka Gear

This would not be a hunting list if Sitka was not on it. Displaying what your personal feelings towards Sitka may be, it is undeniable that their social media pages are elite when compared to others in the hunting industry. Sitka’s Instagram tells the story if you scroll through the feed. The story Sitka has developed through the feed shows every aspect of the hunt, from preparation to consumption. 

Ducks Unlimited Inc 

Ducks Unlimited Inc undoubtedly has a great following on all of its social media channels. Focusing on their Facebook and Instagram, they have a combined 1.8 million followers. One reason they have been able to grow this big is through staying ahead of the curve when it comes to social strategies. In January 2022, Instagram allowed content creators to collaborate on posts. As we see in this example, Ducks Unlimited is already using this feature in order to promote their 5k run the DU Dash. When brands try out new features on social media, the platforms reward this behavior by increasing the reach of the post. 


Kuiu’s social media strategy incorporates two types of giveaways:

The first giveaway is focused to collect emails through a link in their bio. These giveaways work extremely well when paired with instantaneous email and a call to action. 


The second giveaway is geared to increasing engagement. As we can see from their copy, the rules of entry are to follow, tag a friend, and share. These giveaways work well when they have some sort of paid social aspect behind them. 

Mathews Inc

Mathews Inc’s social channels are all based on stories, tips, and new products. All of this is great, but the thing that makes them different then others in their industry is their ability to post time-sensitive content. Mathews Inc customizes its content based on the season of hunting. Mathews Inc is locked in on its social strategy based on relevant content. 

Drake Waterfowl

When it comes to pushing some really cool content, look no further than Drake Waterfowl. Just a quick scroll on their Instagram page and you will find yourself captivated by their very clear and professional images. Many of the photos make you feel like you’re right there in the blind. It clearly has been working out for them too, as these amazing shots amass thousands of likes, and they have over 400k Instagram followers. Can’t go wrong with the combination of quality imagery and products representing the brand.

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