Marketers often focus on the social component of social media and fail to build a holistic social media strategy.

Transform your Social Media team into a Social Newsroom. Follow the Five Ws of content creation to maximize the media in your social media marketing.

Ask: Who?

Does your content focus on your business or your audience?

Media is focused on audiences. As a marketer, avoid content that positions your product as the ‘latest and greatest.’ Instead, build content around the customer and their needs.

Ask: What?

Do you create products or change?

Media creates change. Communicate what your product means for the customer by demonstrating the value and how it will change the status quo. Communicate benefits over details.

Ask: When?

Do you execute at the right time?

Media is agile. Plan content on a calendar and align it with events, holidays, sport and elections. Always look to increase content agility. The most effective content is aligned with unexpected and live events.

Ask: Where?

Does your content take your business into new areas?

Media is personalized to region and markets. Take advantage of new opportunities by creating personalized content for targeted audiences. Grow business reach by growing social media breadth.

Ask: Why?

Does your content build brand value?

Media is objective. Build trust with your audience by developing content that is honest and consumable. Humanize your content and brand value will increase.


Photo credits: Flickr user ed100 and Flickr user Sean MacEntee