The new Bad Rhino website


When I drove down to Nashville in December to see Matt Chevy and the amazing team at Proof Branding, I knew it was the beginning of an awesome adventure for both Bad Rhino & Proof.  Being able to sit down with them and craft a new website for Bad Rhino was a great experience and they immediately had us excited to see the end result.  

They wanted to know more about what our vision was for the Bad Rhino brand and who we are.  They wanted to know who we help and how our services help our clients.  We went through a serious of questions, which resulted in the following answers:


Who is Bad Rhino?

Simply put, we are the baddest and most complete social media marketing team you’ll find.  Our rhinos bring varied skill sets, which form together to give your brand a relentless attack, connecting our clients to their customers, patients, and community members.

Our process paints an easy to follow cycle for our clients.  We’ve perfected what we feel is the best process for consistent success in social media marketing.  View our process here.

Our Social Media Process

Our New Website

We are extremely excited about what Proof has created for Bad Rhino.  Our clients, prospects, and visitors will have a much clearer idea as to who we are, how our process works, and why we’re successful.

Simply put, we’re the baddest social media marketing agency around and we now have a sexy sexy sexy website.