LinkedIn unrolled on Thursday a new “How You’re Connected” tool, allowing users to further connect and establish rapport with one another.

When you visit another user’s profile, you’ll see mutual connections. “How You’re Connected” expands upon these mutual connections by outlining how users know each other.

“Today, we’re introducing a new ‘How You’re Connected’ tool on LinkedIn profiles that aims to make that process much easier by helping you find the best path or strongest commonalities shared between you and the individual that could be the key to obtaining your next success,” product manager Udi Milo said in a blog post.

“How You’re Connected” may seem complicated at first, but was simplified through an example in the post – if a user is looking for an introduction to the CMO of a potential company and has two connections (one who was a schoolmate while the other recently worked on a significant project), the tool would allow the user to find the best way to connect with the CMO.

LinkedIn has developed a reputation as a powerful resource for job seekers as well as recruiters. Now, their new “How You’re Connected” tool allows users to connect with the people that best represent their interests.

“Professional goals become more attainable when you’re able to connect and collaborate with others who can help you achieve them,” Milo’s post said. “Finding the best path to meeting these key contacts can be daunting though.”