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Starting Friday, Vine users will now be eligible to claim vanity URLs for their profiles.

Twitter users with verified accounts will be the first to get the custom URLs, while the general population of users can claim them starting Monday.

Vanity URLs are entirely optional, but it still gives users the option to make their Vine profile easier to find, with a nice, custom address. Twitter will also automatically reserve URLs of a user’s Twitter handle, but they’ll still have to register to confirm it.

The launch of vanity URLs comes at a nice time for Twitter’s video service with Christmas looming. For those who’ll be finding new smartphones under the tree, they can easily download the Twitter and Vine apps, and easily generate their own URL in order to streamline both social media services.

Mashable has more on the addition of Vine vanity URLs.

App Update

Vine also announced an update to its Android platform, working on Gingerbread (Android 2.3) devices. However, the update comes with a caveat – users won’t be able to create their own videos, but they can watch other videos.