Month: March 2013

Tumblr Surpasses 100 Million Blogs

The site has been growing at a rapid pace over the past several years, as it reached the 50 million blog mark in April of last year. At the beginning of this month, the site reported 93 million blogs.

5 Ways Businesses and Individuals Can Increase Their Followers on Instagram

Carman Plank is currently a Social Media Marketing Intern for Bad Rhino. She is also a sophomore in the public relations program at Ferris State University in Big Rapids,Mich. She is currently a contributor for her local chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America’s blog. Does your brand use Instagram? With this mobile app […]

Facebook Adds Reply Feature

Facebook announced on Monday that pages will now feature the ability to reply to individual users, rather than a comment some time afterwards.

Video Marketing: Five Reasons Your Business Should Start Today

David Murray is a Digital Marketing Executive and Social Enthusiast. Passionate about the underworld of below-the-line marketing, David breaks the latest in Marketing, Communications and Program Management. Connect with him on Twitter @MarketVoyeur and on his website.     Is the lens cap clouding your marketing strategy? Here are five reasons why you should take […]

Tourism and Social Media: 3 Incredibly Successful Campaigns

Ashley Aylsworth is a senior in the public relations program at Ferris State University. She joined the Bad Rhino team as a social media marketing intern in January 2013. When she’s not checking out trends on social media, Ashley is very involved on her campus and enjoys dancing, cooking and traveling. She can be found […]

How Internet Memes Can be Utilized in a Social Business Strategy

Memes (pronounced the same as “seams”) have been around for years. According to Wikipedia, an Internet meme “is a concept that spreads from person to person via the Internet. The concept of a meme was defined and described by Richard Dawkins in 1976, as an attempt to explain the way cultural information spreads.” Memes can […]

Customer Service and Social Media: A Love/Hate Relationship That’s on the Mend

@ajfinley08 Would you like to be connected to Customer Care? — Jeep (@Jeep) February 25, 2013   It is 2013. The way we play games, send mail, and consume information has changed. Many people say they have a “love/hate relationship” with technology, one of those “can’t live with, can’t live without” attitudes.  This perspective on […]

The New Myspace and What it has to Offer Brands

Jerry Rizzo has a background in professional sports new media and social media marketing. You can learn more about Jerry’s social savvy on Twitter. Welcome to the new Myspace! Gone are the days of feverishly stalking your latest crush, spending endless hours creating bulletins and filling out surveys that include the important questions such as “What was the last […]

How to Take Advantage of Tumblr for B2B Marketing

Tumblr is one of today’s fastest-growing social networks. And with a global audience of more than 150 million people, it’s not surprising that companies are rushing to get on board. In fact, you’ll find a lot of your favorite brands are already on Tumblr, from DKNY to Dior. (See Social Fresh’s list of 60 brands […]