Month: December 2013

6 Awesome Social Media Blogs the Bad Rhino Team Loves

It’s the last day of 2013, and we’re very thankful for all of the people that make the Bad Rhino Rumblings blog what it is. From our own Rhinos to our awesome team of social media bloggers, and, of course, our loyal readers, we want you to know that we appreciate every comment, tweet and […]

Kill 'Em With Kindness: From Complaints to Customers

Imagine that you run a local coffee shop.  A customer comes in and they’re unsatisfied.  Maybe they think that their drink wasn’t made up to par, or they feel the drive-thru service took too long.  Or they could be having a bad day and taking it out on the nearest target.  Regardless of the reason, […]

Vine Launches Custom URLs

Starting Friday, Vine users will now be eligible to claim vanity URLs for their profiles. Twitter users with verified accounts will be the first to get the custom URLs, while the general population of users can claim them starting Monday. Vanity URLs are entirely optional, but it still gives users the option to make their […]

Stand Out! Build Your Personal Brand Online

If someone was to look for your online, what would come up when they searched your name?  Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job or just want to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, you must take the steps to establish your personal brand online. Especially if online marketing is a part […]

5 Awesome Ways Businesses Can Use Instagram Direct

The release of Instagram Direct on December 12th means a couple things: 1.  Instagram users are now able to send their photos and videos privately (direct) to one instagram user or a group of instagram users. 2.  Bad Rhino is excited. Click here to read more about Instagram Direct if you’d like extra info, or […]

Facebook Unveils Video Advertising

In an effort to reach users by alternative means, Facebook has unveiled video advertisements to play in a user’s News Feed, set to launch Thursday. The ads are set to start appearing Thursday for web and mobile devices, and will play automatically – though sound may be toggled on and off by the user. Exact […]

Facebook Rolls Out Dislike Option for Messenger App

While Facebook doesn’t yet have a “Dislike” button, it took a step in that direction by unveiling a thumbs down sticker for use in its Messenger app, according to Mashable. In addition to the thumbs down icon, a sore thumb, peace sign and poke are available to download and use. The stickers can be downloaded […]

In the Shadows: Getting Lurkers to Engage on Social Media

Do you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or some other service that allows you to stream movies and television shows to your TV, computer or tablet? Maybe you don’t want to pay for satellite or cable so you use them to watch your favorite programs. These services provide the added benefits of watching […]