Month: April 2020

3 Social Media Practices to Follow during the COVID-19 Pandemic

For over a month now we have witnessed the world confined to their homes due to the pandemic. Without much notice, businesses needed to develop a quick strategy on ways they could continue to function while maintaining a safe distance to customers. Unfortunately for some, this meant closing their doors and/or furloughing their team. If […]

Instagram’s New Food Delivery & Gift Card Stickers for Restaurants

Instagram is offering a new way that restaurants and small businesses can gain extra eyes on delivery and gift card options during COVID-19. Instagram rolled out new stories stickers for business accounts and now restaurants have to the ability to redirect users to a partner site in which they can complete delivery orders (Caviar, DoorDash, […]

Instagram’s Newest Update- Send DMs From Your Desktop

Personally, I find it way easier to send messages on my desktop- whether that is emails or texts. With Instagram’s newest update, you can now send and reply to DMs straight from your desktop! Want to know how? Keep reading. How to Send Instagram DMs from Desktop Go to and login to your account. […]

8 Strategic Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing Department

Have you ever wondered if you should outsource your marketing? Are there advantages? Disadvantages? Is it affordable? Many companies wrestle with these questions and it brings some uncertainty with it. After all, you’ve grown your business a certain way and it’s brought you to the level you’re at today. Here at Bad Rhino, we help businesses […]

How to Add Custom Fonts to Instagram Stories

In our last blog, we covered what to search to find the best and most unique Instagram stories stickers. But did you know that you can also create custom fonts for your Instagram stories? I was left wondering how exactly other Instagram users posted such unique stories with fonts I had never seen before. So, […]

Golf Marketing During Quarantine

Golf marketing during quarantine looks different than your traditional strategies, but success is still attainable. Businesses need to evolve their business to digital pandemic or not. Watch the video to learn more.

4 Marketing Checklist Items For COVID-19

While the world faces the global corona-virus pandemic, business owners are battling through some of their most challenging decisions. Keeping customers, employees, and themselves safe is priority number one. Priority number two is deciding what steps they should take to survive (and potentially thrive) now during social distancing guidelines, quarantines, and isolation. The answers are […]

What to Search to find the Best Instagram Stories Stickers

With there being over 500 million people posting Instagram stories everyday, it is important to find a way to make yours stand out! A key aspect of making your stories eye-catching is obviously great content, but there is more you can do to embellish your photos and videos. That is where GIFs and stickers for […]