Month: August 2018

5 Social Media Post Examples for Bars and Restaurants

The social media channels for a bar or restaurant are typically where the first impression is made on a hungry potential customer.  Ask yourself, what impression are your social media pages leaving? Do you have a content strategy in place? Are you posting often? Is content engaging, informative, and inviting? To help you out in […]

Why Customer Service Matters on Social Media

Does your social media strategy include a customer service plan? You may have the best content, a great following, and a killer advertising budget, but if your brand’s social media strategy is missing a customer service aspect, it’s doomed. Using social media as a means of customer service is on the rise. 1 in 3 […]

How to Set up Targeted Posts on Facebook

Any business that puts time, effort, and money into creating compelling content understands the importance of getting exposure for their company. As much as we would like for our followers (and non-follwers) to view everything that was posted on social media, chances are they could be missing some of the action. This is why setting […]

How to Choose a Philly Advertising Agency

Philly Advertising Agency

When ready to select the right Philly Advertising Agency to partner with your company, there are a few things you need to focus on.  Picking the wrong agency to handle your social media advertising will end up costing more money and time, so be sure to get it right the first time. Being recently named […]

Best Social Media Companies in Philadelphia

Best Social Media Companies Philadelphia

When you’re looking to partner with a social media agency in Philadelphia, you want to make sure you’re finding the absolute best fit. While Bad Rhino was named #1 on the list of the Best Social Media Companies in Philadelphia, here are a few things you should always consider when selecting the right Philadelphia digital […]

4 Advantages of Using a Social Media Content Calendar

Content Calendar

If you’re new to the social media world, you might be thinking “what the HECK is a social media content calendar?” A social media content calendar is exactly what it sounds like: A document that keeps track of all your social media posts for the week/month/year. If you’re in charge of organizing your company’s social […]

5 Things to Do When Someone Famous Tags you on Social Media

It’s just another Friday afternoon in the life of a social media manager. Your daily social posts are set and you’re crossing off all of your end-of-week checklist items. Then something happens…you get a Instagram notification that reveals someone famous has visited your location and tagged your brand on Instagram. Almost immediately, your jaw drops, […]