Month: March 2014

Get Chatting: 10 Tips & Tricks for Launching Your Brand’s Twitter Chat

Put simply, if you’re brand has a decent Twitter following and you’re not hosting a regular chat, you’re missing out on a easy and effective form of content marketing.  While getting your chat kicked off is no small feat, these 10 tips and tricks should get help get off to a running start. Hold Your […]

Bad Rhino Reading: 4 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Followers

Website: Business 2 Community Article: Twitter Followers: 10 Ways To Grow Your Followers Business 2 Community offered a great top 10 list on how to grow your Twitter following. Here are the top 4 that we found most helpful: 1. Follow (Almost) Everyone Back Always follow back, with the exception of porn (obviously), annoying posts […]

Twitter Tries "Share" Option Rather than "Retweet"

What’s the point in fixing something, if that something isn’t broken? That’s what many Twitter users are saying since Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, made the decision to do an experiment with a few of his product’s users. With Twitter’s user engagement down and it’s user growth being stagnate at 241 million, Twitter has decided to […]

Twitter Announces Photo Tagging Update for Mobile Devices

Twitter announced a major update Wednesday, as the social network will now allow both tagging of photos and including up to four photos in a single tweet. “We’re rolling out two new mobile features that make photos on Twitter more social,” software engineer Cesar Puerta said in a blog post announcing the update. Up to […]

The Early Adopter Effect and It's Implications for Non Mega-Brands

A few weeks ago I read an interesting study by Business Insider about brands that “get there first” (so to speak) when it comes to new social networks. They found that there’s a positive relationship between being an early adopter and a brand’s audience size. Basically, the brands who created their profiles on a new social […]

3 Reasons Your Brand Needs Social Media

Let’s get real for a minute. If your business is not on social media yet, you’re already failing pretty badly. Yes, it’s true that not all social media platforms are right for all businesses, but if you are not at least on Facebook and/or Twitter, I don’t even know what to say to you. However, […]

How to Make Your Visual Content Stand Out on Social Media

Vincent Orleck is the Community Manager for Plexus Worldwide Inc. He’s also the publisher of the Socially Acceptable blog. Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter: @Vin_Orleck.     “I’m not a graphics designer.” “I’m not creative.” “I don’t have time to fool around making pictures on my computer.” When it comes to […]

Bad Rhino Reading: 5 Steps to Building Quality LinkedIn Connections

Website: Social Media Examiner  Article: 5 Steps to Building Quality LinkedIn Connections Do your research, ask questions, make conversation and post quality information that’ll make you stand out. Here are the 5 steps to building quality LinkedIn connections. 1. Get Your House in Order It’s important to understand the basics of LinkedIn and the expectations of […]

Best Social Media Practices For Small Businesses

Kristen Kwiatkowski is a freelance writer based in the Philadelphia area. When not writing about social media and SEO practices, Kristen enjoys writing about local charity events, style and food and wine topics. Follow Kristen on Twitter: @sunflowerdali11. Social media is a necessary tool for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses, in particular, can benefit from […]