Month: January 2023

YouTube Tests Suggested Hashtags for YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts Hashtags

Hashtags are used on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and more. Users will put hashtags into the caption of their post or into the first comment to help categorize and make posts more searchable. Hashtags, when used appropriately, can increase your reach, brand exposure, and more without having to spend a dime. Another […]

Golf Course Marketing Plans – 6 Key Things to Include

Golf Course Marketing Plans

Golf courses and country clubs aim to attract as many members as possible. So, what are some ways to improve attendance and attract visitors?  When marketing your golf course here are 6 things to include in your golf course marketing plan: 1. Loyalty Rewards Club Members and non-members will frequent your golf club. It’s easy […]

4 Great Golf Course Marketing Ideas

Golf Course Marketing Ideas

Golf courses are small businesses for the most part. As such, they should always work to attract new customers who are looking at discovering what their course has to offer. But what can you do differently to find new folks? The most important thing is to have a solid understanding of your target market. After […]