Month: May 2013

Facebook Launches Verified Pages and Profiles for "High-Profile" People and Businesses

Facebook announced today that users will soon begin to see verified pages and profile across the social network. Similar to what Twitter does to verify the accounts of celebrities and large businesses, a blue check mark will now appear on Facebook profiles to help users “find the authentic accounts of celebrities and other high-profile people and businesses on Facebook.” […]

How to Maximize the Media in Your Social Media Marketing

Marketers often focus on the social component of social media and fail to build a holistic social media strategy. Transform your Social Media team into a Social Newsroom. Follow the Five Ws of content creation to maximize the media in your social media marketing. Ask: Who? Does your content focus on your business or your audience? Media […]

How To Go Viral With Your Company

Earlier this year, a commercial promoting a monthly razor company called “Dollar Shave Club” went extremely viral. Before I begin my social preaching, sit back and watch the commercial below: Now, tell me you didn’t chuckle here and there from this video! Starring Dollar Shave Club’s founder and CEO himself, Michael Dubin, this video hit […]

3 Quick and Dirty Social Tips for B2B Marketers

Erica Bell is the Social Media Specialist at She also writes on number of topics including online marketing and shares small business tips. You can connect with on Facebook or Twitter!   . B2B businesses are continuing to break into social media spaces. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, there is a good […]

Graph Search’s New Competition: LinkedIn

The highly publicized Graph Search from Facebook is still in its beta format and only released to select users. LinkedIn, the professional social network, has taken advantage of the Graph Search delay and put out their own new and improved form: a search called Unified Search. Unified Search allows LinkedIn users to find professional content […]

How to Achieve Blogging Success: A Toolkit Just for Bloggers

Caili Birdsall is a recent graduate from Temple University and a travel, social media and research guru. She is the founder of American Hotel and Lodging Association Student Chapter at Temple University and just finished an internship with as their Community Manager. Follow her @cailibirdsall or hire her at   .  . If you have ever given thought to […]

4 Stepping Stones to Authenticity on Social Media

Authenticity brings to mind behavior that can be described as genuine and being real, which leads to trustworthiness. It’s about being who you really are. Companies that want to gain loyalty and trust need to be who they say they are. They are offering themselves to their customers, claiming to be or do something specific. […]

How to Optimize Your Social Media Efforts for Mobile

It’s no secret; mobile browsing commerce is on the rise.  Mobile devices are being used more than ever, almost doubling last year’s usage.  Thus, your customers are most likely accessing your brand and its social sites using a mobile device. Are your company’s efforts optimized for a mobile audience?  Aside from establishing a mobile site, you […]