Month: July 2022

How to Improve your Google Business Profile ~ Digital Marketing Services, West Chester, PA

Congratulations! You created your Google Business Profile! … So, now what? Your Google Business Profile (GBP) allows you to become much more visible when customers search for related products or services. Your GBP offers customers a synopsis of your business and what products and services you have to offer. It should highlight your best features […]

How to Improve your LinkedIn Business Profile ~ Digital Marketing Services Philadelphia, PA

linkedin business profile

Having an online presence is now crucial for your business to be successful. When I say, “online presence”, the first things that may come to mind are Instagram, Facebook, or your business’ website. However, don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social network that allows users to connect with potential employers, search […]

Why you should use Pinterest in your Digital Marketing Strategy ~ Digital Marketing Services Philadelphia, PA

Pinterest marketing is extremely impactful. With over 433 million people on the platform, why wouldn’t marketers want to be on Pinterest? Pinterest is the most effective social platform for product knowledge and shopping inspiration. 83% of Pinterest users have made a purchase from content they’ve seen on the platform. So, how can your business use Pinterest […]

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for a Small Business

It’s true that social media platforms are great marketing tools. However, you need a strategy. Without a social media strategy, your efforts will flounder. You’ve definitely heard of content marketing and inbound marketing as a business and website owner. They’re not identical, but they’re similar. An effective social media marketing plan needs content marketing. Content […]

In Digital Marketing, What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is as important in digital marketing as it is in traditional marketing these days. There’s no denying that leads are essential for growing a business and attracting the appropriate clients at the right time. The generation process necessitates the use of a variety of tactics. Businesspeople must realize that it is not something […]