Month: August 2012

10 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Agency

Hire a social media agency

UPDATED November 29th, 2023 Have you been thinking it’s time to hire a social media agency to help with the seemingly billions of tasks needed to run social marketing effectively? The right social media team will not only drive your marketing and revenue in the right direction, but the peace of mind of knowing it’s […]

3 Content Creation Tips For the Everyday Blogger

Melissa Alam is a 20-something social media enthusiast, soccer player, blogger and SEO consultant. Always glued to technology, Melissa enjoys meeting new people, venturing around Philadelphia and blogging about life’s randomness in her free time. Follow her on Twitter @Jogamel88 for a guaranteed good time. . As an avid blogger myself, I find myself sometimes lost in a […]

4 Ways to Take a Vacation From Social Media (When You’re On Vacation)

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” – Robert Orben When my husband and I went on vacation in May I decided that I would try and take a partial vacation from social media as well. When we arrived at our destination in northern Arkansas, the Internet just […]

Taking Names and Staying Organized as Blog Manager

Let’s face it: we could all be a little more organized in life. This statement could be true for almost anyone, but it is especially true for those who work in the realm of digital media, whether you’re in charge of maintaining a blog or making sure your business has enough Facebook posts on any […]