Month: September 2019

Snapchat Extends Ad Length Limit

Snapchat has announced it will be extending it’s time limit for advertisements. Those looking to advertise on the picture sharing platform can now feature three minute longs ads. Before, the cap on advertisements was just 10 seconds. The announcement is a considerable move for Snapchat. Before, those looking to advertise on the app were limited. […]

Bad To The Bone: Clutch Names Bad Rhino Leader Among Hospitality & Leisure Marketing Agencies

It’s that time of the year again. We just received news that Clutch has named our team of Rhinos a leader in the leisure and hospitality industry for our advanced social media strategies. A ratings platform and B2B resource, Clutch categorizes businesses based on the work that they provide clients. As part of this process, […]

7 Instagram Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

We all log into Instagram everyday, but sometimes we fail to notice the little changes made to the app. Whether these are features you already know and love, or are new to you, here are 7 Instagram Features we wanted to highlight 1. Archive Photos Instagram’s archive feature allows users to hide a post from […]

Instagram to Launch a New Messaging App

Instagram is taking user’s “close friends” list to another level with a new app they have in the works. This app, called Threads, will work side-by-side with the Instagram app we know and love already, but will allow users to have a more intimate with their closest followers. The new app will “invite users to […]