Month: February 2014

Facebook Improves Post Visibility Via Tagging

Last month, Facebook introduced Trending to its News Feed, allowing users to see top stories in pop culture, sports, politics, news and more. Now, a new feature has been introduced that can supplement Trending in connecting users with what’s going on in the world. When one page tags another page, that post will now be […]

How to Choose the Perfect Facebook Ad Format to Meet Your Goals

Facebook advertising is more sophisticated than it was a year ago, or even six months ago. When advertising was first introduced to the platform, right-hand side ads were the only option, but now the options are almost endless (at least with the various types they seem endless!). Navigating these different ad options can be tough […]

Best SEO Practices for Small Businesses

Kristen Kwiatkowski is a freelance writer based in the Philadelphia area. When not writing about social media and SEO practices, Kristen enjoys writing about local charity events, style and food and wine topics. Follow Kristen on Twitter: @sunflowerdali11. . In today’s business world, marketing is everything. This is especially true in the case of small […]

Using Social Media Trends as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Do you keep up on trends happening in fashion, foods and other markets your interested in? We all do. We want to be “in the know” so to speak and it gives us a feeling of being knowlegeable and popular. Businesses pay attention to trends as well, but for different reasons. Trends are determined by […]

Social Media Case Study – Restaurant

Here is a quick case study from our website to show how we have provided trackable ROI through social media in just 60 days of working with a new client. The Client Jazmine Thai is an authentic Thai restaurant in a suburb of Philadelphia. The food, atmosphere, and staff are fantastic, which has led to […]

How Social Media Feedback Impacts Mobile Payments Adoption

With more smartphone users using their mobile devices for shopping, a 20% increase according to the 2014 Mobile Payments State of the Industry Report from Mobile Payments Today, it only seems natural that mobile payments adoption would be increasing as well. Not so fast, says this article from Fox Small Business Center, who cites the […]

A Human's Guide to Social Media

Ashley Ashbee is a blogger, communications freelancer and a supporter of numerous social causes and independent artists. You can find her on Twitter @cartooninperson and on her blog Beyond Passing Time.    . I am a very active social media user. I use it as a tool to promote many causes and artists I care […]

Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing Seminar in Chester County, PA

Simply updating your social media channels isn’t enough to drive traffic and increase sales. Leveraging your social media network to engage the public and recruit potential customers requires a strategy that makes sense for your business. Join the Chester County Chamber and Bad Rhino on Thursday, February 27 for this informative and interactive workshop specifically designed to help small- […]