Month: May 2014

Animate Your Marketing: 3 Ways to Incorporate GIFs

Who doesn’t love animated GIFs? Tumblr users certainly do. BuzzFeed’s practically built a business on how much people love them. If pictures say a thousand words, imagine how much a 4-second animated picture could tell your audience! So why wouldn’t you want to try to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. I remember this past […]

Tips For Brands on How to Perfect the Tweet

Twitter is a very effective tool for brands looking to reach a greater number of people. The key to the effectiveness of Twitter is all in the tweet. Many people get discouraged by the limit of 140 characters, I say, use it to your advantage! Use Twitter to help structure your brand’s key marketing messages […]

How to Spark Social Activity by Creating an Engaging Tweet

#185075141 / So by now you should know that your company should be on Twitter. If not, call me. I’ll explain it to you again. The next step is making sure twitter is actually working for you. Getting your audience to engage with your tweets is key. You want people paying attention to what […]

The Rise of 2nd Screen Viewer Engagement & It's Implications for Advertisers

#200532276-001 / The first time I heard the term “second-screen viewing” or “second-screen viewer,” I rolled my eyes. We have been watching TV and eating, reading, doing homework, “studying,” emailing with clients, etc. for as long as the TV tray has existed. But what we haven’t experienced for decades is the ability to track […]

How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation for Your Small Business

Tiffany Winbush is the Social Media Manager for Hiscox USA insurance, responsible for driving social media engagement and publishing the Hiscox Small Business blog. Tiffany lives in NYC with her tech entrepreneur husband and one year-old daughter. She is passionate about empowering women and girls and volunteers regularly with the over 100 year-old public service organization […]

5 Tips to Engage Your Community on Social Media

Ashley Ashbee is a blogger, communications freelancer and a supporter of numerous social causes and independent artists. You can find her on Twitter @cartooninperson and on her blog Beyond Passing Time.    . A community is a group of people who connect with each other to provide support for a mutual interest or need. We all belong to […]

4 Keys to Successful Blog Promotion Using LinkedIn

Mickey Baines is the President & Founding Partner at Fourth Dimension Partners, a higher education consulting practice. In addition, he appears regularly as an on-air guest for QVC and co-hosts a local TV show in central Pennsylvania. You can tweet Mickey @4DPartners. . . If you blog regularly to promote your business, you are putting in a significant amount of […]

Why Your Business Needs a Crisis Management Plan for Social Media

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse for businesses. On the one hand, it gives you personalized and nearly constant access to customers and gives your company a friendly and helpful voice. On the other hand, it’s all too easy for a company or its employees to make a careless mistake that […]

How You Can Benefit From Social Media Influencers

There’s lots of buzz on the Internet about finding and engaging with industry influencers. We see lists of influencers, are encouraged to connect with them, and even strive to become an influencer ourselves. It’s often stressed online, that if you want your company blog to get noticed and talked about, you have to know influencers […]