Month: July 2012

How to Use Offer Posts on Facebook to Increase Sales (Video)

  Do you know what’s awesome?  Videos are awesome.  Because of this scientifically proven statement, I decided to try out a screen capture “how to” video.  Surprisingly, I don’t hate my voice as much as I thought I would, so you should absolutely expect many more video segments coming in the future. For today’s video, […]

How To Moderate Your Social Media On a Budget

Teri Kojetin is the owner of The Ebook-Editor, an ebook conversion service. She is also a Moderation Specialist at ICUC, an iProspect company. Teri is a recent contributor to, ICUC’S social media blog. She enjoys anything to do with the world of books and loves social media. She can be reached via email and can be found on Twitter: […]