Month: June 2021

How to Use Instagram DM Automation to Help Your Business

What Is Instagram DM Automation? Instagram is often a must-have tool for business to gain a following and engage with users; in fact, seven out of ten US companies use the social media platform for marketing. The platform has become increasingly popular for marketing because its algorithm’s accuracy makes for personalized ads and explore page […]

10 Ways To Optimize Your Pins For Search On Pinterest

Your Pinterest SEO is arguably the most important ways to increase your reach and drive more sales on the platform. This is because Pinterest is a powerful visual discovery engine, where content lives on and constantly gets recycled and content will resurfaced over and over again. There is a much longer shelf-life on the content […]

Instagram Tests New Upload Options in the Desktop Version

Instagram has been testing a new feed posting option from the desktop version of the app. Which, for businesses, is great. Having more options to upload Instagram content from your desktop PC, will give users the ability to post more polished, edited content created in photo and video editing programs. This could come in handy […]