Month: October 2013

Spooky Social Media: Top Halloween Campaigns

It’s the spookiest time of year, and a host of brands are getting into the Halloween spirit. This year more than ever, they’re taking to social media to scare the pants off of audiences. Which campaign is the most spine-chillingly effective? You be the judge: 1. Tide Tide took to Vine to celebrate All Hallows’ […]

Social Media Marketing Consulting [VIDEO]

Bad Rhino is a Social Media Marketing Firm based in Wayne, Pa. Bad Rhino Social Media works with clients all over the United States to help them optimize their Social Media Marketing campaigns. If you would like more information on how Bad Rhino can help your business, please click here.

4 Reasons To Step Up Your Game on LinkedIn

Alex Keys is a Social Media Specialist at Solution Tree and a contributing writer at Treble. Follow him on Twitter (@Keys_Says) for daily ramblings and curated retweets. . . If you read Bad Rhino Rumblings, you’re likely active on LinkedIn in some capacity.  But, chances are, you probably aren’t devoting a significant amount of time into developing your company’s LinkedIn campaigns.  And […]

7 Social Media Tips for Launching a New Product or Service

Thinking about launching a new product or service? Don’t forget to build social media into your launch strategy! So, how do you best put social media to use for your launch? Always align your marketing initiatives with your social media strategy. A strong social media plan will help you hit your sales goals, create buzz around your […]

9 Things to Consider When Developing Your PPC Strategy

Search advertising (also known as pay-per-click advertising, or PPC) is applauded by those in the digital world for its ability to both increase awareness and drive traffic to a website. However, a PPC strategy can seem very overwhelming and confusing from the outset; but it’s worth working through because search advertising can be one of the […]

How Social Media Impacts the Customer Experience

Teri Cooper’s passion for customer service pulled her into Internet Marketing & Social Media about 10 years ago. She is currently the Internet Marketing Manager at Golling’s Arena Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Dayton, Ohio. You can tweet her @bizfunctional. If there was a business owner back in the late 1800s that heard about the telephone […]

How to Effectively Tweet Your Podcast

Scott Murray is the Social Learning Evangelist for, the web’s largest career marketplace.  He is also a contributor to the Training Insights Blog, a series of blogs dedicated to career and professional development. . . Podcasting is what finally forced me to create a Twitter account for the first time. When I produced my first […]