Month: February 2013

Pheed Rockets to Top of Social Networking Scene

Launched last October, Pheed is still a new app that consolidates features of other top social media sites. Pheed allows you to post with text, photos, video or recording audio, giving true meaning to its “A new way to express yourself” catchphrase.

Tricks to Getting the Most Out of Facebook for Your Business

With the population of Facebook users now exceeding 1billion, many businesses are turning to the social platform for a new outlook on advertising. Building a Facebook Page and getting the name of your company out there starts the ball rolling. With an audience that large on Facebook, the social media platform has many filters and […]

Using Visual Storytelling to Promote Your Business

We have become a people that live for the image. We take photos of everything, from life-changing events, to food, trips, people and anything else that strikes our fancy. And we don’t just take them for our own personal collection. We share them widely on the Internet on social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, […]

3 Reasons B2B Companies Need to Take Advantage of YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is one of the most-searched sites on the web, second only to Google? That’s right; although it’s famous for hosting viral videos like “Charlie bit my finger – again!” and “David After Dentist,” YouTube has also become a top resource for finding information on literally anything, from product demos to […]

Why SEO Should be Your Blog’s Best Friend

Sarah Fudin works in community relations for George Washington University’s online MPH programs, which provides prospective students the ability to earn a online Masters of Public Health. Outside of work Sarah enjoys running, reading and Pinkberry frozen yogurt.     Bloggers have their work cut out for them. Not only do they have to craft […]

Facebook Looking to Become More Mobile

It seems as if Facebook always has a surprising trick up their sleeve and this latest development will be no different. Now that Facebook has conquered games, music, and news, the next step will be to focus on movies, books, and fitness applications while also trying to make the company as mobile as possible. In […]

Facebook Preparing to Roll Out 'Buy Tickets' Button?

Facebook has recently been seen testing a ‘Buy Tickets’ button on various event pages in an effort to grant users access to tickets directly from the social platform. Rather than being able to purchase tickets directly through Facebook, the site links users to third-party websites. Businesses and organizations that use this function on Facebook will […]