Month: February 2013

Tricks to Getting the Most Out of Facebook for Your Business

With the population of Facebook users now exceeding 1billion, many businesses are turning to the social platform for a new outlook on advertising. Building a Facebook Page and getting the name of your company out there starts the ball rolling. With an audience that large on Facebook, the social media platform has many filters and […]

3 Reasons B2B Companies Need to Take Advantage of YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is one of the most-searched sites on the web, second only to Google? That’s right; although it’s famous for hosting viral videos like “Charlie bit my finger – again!” and “David After Dentist,” YouTube has also become a top resource for finding information on literally anything, from product demos to […]

The Importance of Marketing Integration

Let’s be honest, marketing as a whole (marketing, sales, PR, advertising, social, etc.) is often treated as a second class citizen by businesses. We are the last place to get budgets and the first ones to lose them, and it’s kind of our fault. We have made things so hard for many businesses to understand […]