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Golf Course Website Strategies – What’s the Best to Do to Stand Out

Downingtown Country Club

A golf course’s website is vital for attracting and retaining customers. A strong online presence informs customers, provides services, answers queries, and gives a good impression of the course. A website with a good design boost sales, memberships, and visibility. It must be visually beautiful and easy to use. The good news is creating a […]

Why is WordPress Website Maintenance Important?

When you spend time and money on something, like a car or a house, you make sure you do the required maintenance so everything runs smoothly. WordPress website maintenance works in a very similar way! Keeping up with updates, content, security and. functionality checks will help ensure the integrity of your site and steady traffic. […]

Twitter Mandates New Profile Design for Users by End of Month

While it has been an opt-in feature for the last month or so, starting May 28, Twitter will be force-feeding its users the new profile layout. The new Facebook-esque design features a larger default picture, wider-spread header image (in comparison to the old format) and different timeline views. Aside from the revamped aesthetics, the new […]

Twitter Unrolls Substantial Design Rivaling Facebook, G+

The new design that Twitter was testing in February has been unrolled to user profiles starting Tuesday, according to Mashable. The new design boats a plethora of new features, and is similar in appearance to rivals Facebook and Google Plus. User profile and header photos are expanded, with the profile being relocated to the top […]

Top 4 Things You Need When Developing A Website

Every business needs a sharp website. It’s a primary touchstone for your brand, and it helps convey your company narrative. Aside from securing a top-notch developer, here are four major areas to consider when developing your website. 1. Design A well-designed website will help establish who you are, down to every button, form, header, and […]

Twitter Testing Significant New Web Design

Twitter is unrolling a significant update that’s glaringly similar to rivals Facebook and Google Plus. The test features a revamped tweet stream – rather than the classic vertical look, the stream features tweets squared off and adjacent to each other. Photos, videos and content cards are also given a larger focus, according to an article […]