Month: November 2022

Google Adds New Search Tools for the Holiday Season ~ Digital Marketing Services Philadelphia, PA

The holiday shopping season is upon us! With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general holiday shopping quickly approaching, people are searching and purchasing products online more than ever. Most consumers are not exactly sure what they are looking for, so they turn to search engines like Google to guide them in the right direction. Now, […]

How to Use Pinterest Around the Holidays ~ Digital Marketing Services, West Chester PA

Most people don’t come up with holiday or seasonal gifts all on their own. People usually turn to search engines or social media platforms for ideas or websites to purchase products from. You first may think of Google, Instagram, or Facebook, but you do not want to overlook Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine […]

How to Optimize your Google Business Profile ~ Digital Marketing Services Philadelphia, PA

Google is obviously the most popular search engine, but most people don’t realize the power it has in the digital marketing world. A strong Google Business Profile can lead to more website visits, reviews, purchases, and more. However, just because you create a Google Business Profile does not mean your work is done. As a […]

Google is Adding New Shopping Features

Google Shopping gives consumers the options to see product options from numerous retailers all in one location. It has been a popular and widely used feature by advertisers. Now, just in time for the holiday season this year, Google is adding new shopping assistance tools. Google is beginning to integrate promotions into product search results […]