Month: June 2022

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing: 6 Easy Steps

Are you starting out in marketing and want to know how to begin? Here are six digital marketing steps to consider when starting out: 1. Understand who you’re marketing to It might be difficult for SMEs to decide whether to spend money on brand recognition or lead generation. Building brand recognition entails gradually expanding your […]

10 Key Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital marketing data shows what works and what doesn’t. These measurements can help digital marketers achieve long-term success. Digital marketing metrics reveal a company’s digital marketing strategy’s health and success. Many organizations can’t evaluate their digital marketing plan because they employ the wrong KPIs. If you want to boost your company’s success, don’t only watch […]

In Digital Marketing, What Does “CPA” Mean?

“CPA” in digital marketing is the actual measure of the cost of driving one conversion. It is most useful when analyzing the results of a campaign. This is because it allows the marketer to understand which vendor, channel, or ad is driving the most economical performance.   The Role of ROI Your Return on Investment […]

How To Research Your Competitors on LinkedIn ~ Digital Marketing Services Philadelphia, PA

LinkedIn is a popular social network designed to build relationships between businesses, potential employees, and potential customers. LinkedIn is centralized around professional networking and building one’s career or business. However, we all know that LinkedIn is not a “rare find”. So, if your business is on LinkedIn, odds are your competitors are too. You will […]

The Ultimate Checklist for a Digital Marketing Campaign

Making a checklist is an excellent method to get started in planning and preparing for a new digital marketing campaign. However, there are so many elements that go into creating a marketing campaign, you really need a checklist to get you going…   Set Your Objectives When establishing a campaign, it’s critical to define your […]

Social media Brand Ambassador VS. Influencer ~ Digital Marketing Services West Chester, PA

Looking for someone to promote your brand? Look no further, we discuss the similarities and differences of brand ambassadors and influencers so you can choose which one is right for you. Both brand ambassadors and influencers are a good way to promote your product/service and gain new customers. However, there are several key components that […]

Digital Marketing Costs 101…What Should I Budget?

digital marketing costs

You came here for answers, so let’s start with some statistics. Digital marketing should take up at least 20 hours per month for a typical business in a typical industry. If the business is in a competitive industry, such as law or dentistry, it will almost certainly need to increase its marketing budget for costs. […]

Social Media Marketing for Beginners: 6 Key Ideas

Social media covers the world. Businesses can’t really function without social media. Some people may still feel that a small business doesn’t need social media. However, this simply isn’t true. Every business, big or little, needs social media marketing. In fact, it is now the first step in starting a business. Social media helps people […]