Month: August 2013

How to Earn Hotel Sales with Social Media

When I talk with hoteliers about their social media efforts, most say that they are using the channel to find powerful ways to engage with their guests. They are treating their social media marketing like a cocktail party and listening to their guests first, before speaking. Through this engagement, they are able to deliver more personalized service […]

B2B Video Marketing: Why B2B Companies Should Use YouTube

Considering the videos you watch on YouTube, you might not think that it’s the right place for B2B companies to communicate. Isn’t it for videos of cute kittens and babies? But as online video consumption increases, YouTube is becoming a top online destination for everyone, including the B2B industry. Increasingly, video is proving it can engage users much more than […]

4 Steps to Social Media Campaign Success Using Inspiration-Themed Content

Small businesses on budgets, or larger companies who are looking to increase their social media marketing results without increasing budgets, sometimes struggle with generating the response they’re after. Getting your name, brand and products out to new audiences without spending a lot presents a challenge. Social media posts with a positive tone tend to have […]

University Pages Become a Reality on LinkedIn

In an effort to better assist students with their careers at an earlier age, LinkedIn announced yesterday that they will be introducing University Pages, beginning on September 12. “We believe University Pages will be especially valuable for students making their first, big decision about where to attend college,” Christina Allen, Director of Product Management at […]