Month: April 2013

3 Examples of Successful Pinterest Contests

Pinterest Contest Ideas

UPDATED November 4th, 2023 Maybe you’ve tried contests on Instagram and Facebook, but have you ever ran a Pinterest Contest?  With 5 billion searches on Pinterest each month, it may be time you tested this platform if you haven’t already. In this blog, we’ll share a few successful Pinterest Contest ideas for you to test. […]

Putting Out a Fire on Social Media Before Your Reputation is Damaged

After numerous social media blunders going viral in the past months, now, more than ever brands and businesses must take a proactive stance on their social media and blog sites. Monitoring your content and what is being said about you is imperative if you want to stamp out the embers of negativity and disruption before […]

The Rising Popularity of Hashtags, Both On and Offline

The hashtag was first introduced to Twitter in 2007, when Chris Messina tweeted the following: “how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?” And the rest, as they say, is history. Today, hashtagging is a prominent feature on some of the world’s most popular social networks, from Twitter (obviously) […]

Introducing the New Bad Rhino Website

  When I drove down to Nashville in December to see Matt Chevy and the amazing team at Proof Branding, I knew it was the beginning of an awesome adventure for both Bad Rhino & Proof.  Being able to sit down with them and craft a new website for Bad Rhino was a great experience […]

7 Tips for Optimizing Your Google+ for Business

It can be tough to stand out online in a saturated market, but engaging with your customers on Google+ and optimizing can give you an edge. 1.  Claim Your Google+ Local Listing Last year, Google Places merged with Google+, increasing functionality and decreasing the amount of time you have to spend fiddling with a number […]

How to Use Social Media to Create Art or Crowdsource Art Projects

Andrew David Baron is an independent Social Media Strategist in NYC. You can tweet to him @AndrewDavdBaron.   .  . Social Media has rapidly become one of the main ways we communicate to each other, replacing to a certain extent talking, seeing and experiencing each other in real life. This imbues both positive and negative aspects […]

Facebook Modifies Status Updates

A new feature at the bottom of the status bar (denoted with a smile emoticon) allows the user to describe what they’re feeling, watching, reading, listening to, drinking and eating.

Meme Madness: 15 Memes You Might Have Missed This Tourney

Now that the madness that is known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been capped by a Louisville Cardinals championship win, we felt it appropriate to take a look back on some of the top memes that rocked the interwebz during this year’s tourney. From imaginary bowls of cereal to a Kevin Love doppelganger, […]