Month: June 2013

The Low Down: Will Instagram Video Replace Vine?

Facebook and Instagram recently confirmed our suspicions. Instagram has incorporated video into their platform! It’s seamless, beautiful and now available for iPhone and Android users. Here’s the down and dirty on what makes it different from Vine: Instagram videos can be up to 15 seconds long, as opposed to Vine’s video lengths which are capped at […]

Instagram Adds Video Support Instagram has always been a unique place to share photos, whether or not it’s a photo of a meal cooked by a user or fun that’s being had with friends. But now, a new feature will allow users to put a particular twist on what they’re sharing. Instagram will now add video support for […]

4 Steps to More Professional Vine Videos

Brittany Berger is a 20-something blogger  with a crazy obsession with social media and and is currently the Content Coordinator at During the few minutes of each day she’s offline, she’s probably glued to the TV or her Kindle instead. To learn more about her, find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. It happens every […]

How Your Business Should React to Crises Over Social Media

Your business has worked hard to gain a following on many social networks. With social networks being a top priority with communication with your customers, you wouldn’t want to do anything to that would disrupt that following. That is why this blog post will be giving you tips on how to best manage your company’s […]

Standout Summer Social Media Campaigns

OK, it’s technically still spring. But many brands are already knee-deep in their summer social media campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the companies that have stood out so far: “Jonesin’ for a Fiat 500e” by Jones Soda Co. & Fiat Whether or not you drink Jones Soda, you’ve seen its bottles. You […]

Maxing Out with SMB Social Media

Erica Bell is the Social Media Specialist at She also writes on number of topics including online marketing and shares small business tips. You can connect with on Facebook or Twitter! A recent social marketing report surveyed more than 3,000 marketers to discover the current role of social media, how marketers are using the various platforms and […]

Facebook Adds Hashtag Support

But now, Facebook’s loner status is a thing of the past. The social media giant announced in a blog post Wednesday that hashtags would be rolled out to a small percentage of users, before being fully integrated.

How to Effectively Manage an Online Community

Managing an online community is much like creating the perfect dinner party. Each element needs to be in place to have a well-managed event. It’s the same with your online community. Careful orchestration of all the elements will result in an inviting, entertaining, and engaging place for your followers to gather. A community is a […]