Month: August 2023

Video Content Tips In 2023

Video Content

In this video, Bad Rhino shares five tips to help you enhance your video content and maximize its impact on social media platforms. Tip #1: Tell a Story Connect with your audience through storytelling. Whether it’s your brand’s journey or the people behind it, stories create a strong emotional connection and keep viewers engaged. Tip […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2023 | How to Boost Leads and Followers

Digital Marketing Trends

Today, we are excited to share some insights on the top digital marketing trends that have been driving success for our clients in 2023. Trend #1: Video Content Marketing In 2023, short-form video content (30-60 seconds) is ruling the marketing landscape. People prefer engaging videos that address their pain points and offer solutions. Ditch long […]

Organic Content and Paid Advertising | Finding A Balance

Organic Content and Paid Advertising

In this video, we dive into finding a balance between organic content and paid advertising. We offer valuable tips on how to leverage both strategies to maximize your online presence. 🔍 Paid advertising: Discover how paid advertising is designed to attract new audiences to your website or social media platforms, reaching out to potential customers […]

5 Essential Tips to Boost Your SEO | Bad Rhino Digital Marketing

5 Essential Tips to Boost Your SEO

In this information-packed video, we share five tips to boost your SEO strategy and improve your website’s visibility on search engines. Tip 1: Master Keyword Research Learn the art of keyword research to ensure your chosen phrases match perfectly with your business and target audience. Discover how incorporating intent-focused keywords can attract potential buyers to […]

How to Optimize for Voice Search

Have you ever noticed how frequently people use voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri to ask questions like, “What is the best Italian restaurant near me?” Or, how many times have you caught yourself asking your smartphone for a recommendation? Probably more often than you think. Voice search is becoming increasingly normal as we […]

User-Generated Content for Your Business

User-Generated Content for Your Business In this video from Bad Rhino Digital Marketing, we will explore the wonders of user-generated content (UGC) and how it can revolutionize your business marketing. 📢What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?User-Generated Content (UGC) involves your customers sharing videos, blogs, and social media posts about your brand, products, and services. As a result, UGC is a […]

Twitter Changes Its Name to “X”

When we see a little bird on a blue background, most of us automatically think of Twitter. Now, we are going to have to retrain our brains. Twitter has officially changed its name to “X.” The little bird is gone and in its place is a white X on black background. So, what does this […]