Month: August 2011

It’s Not Magic: How to Become an Expert in Your Niche

Michelle Bizon is a recent Ithaca College journalism graduate, passionate about social media, communications and higher education. At any given moment, she’s probably cheering on the Phillies, obsessing over NCIS or baking … and tweeting about said endeavors. Her daydreams usually involve some combination of rock climbing, hiking, the Poconos and Scotland. Komodo dragons were lucky. They […]

How to delete or deactivate a Facebook page

UPDATED November 3, 2023 Have you recently tried to delete or deactivate a Facebook page and just had no idea where to go?  Maybe you’ve done it before, but you just can’t figure out the new settings.  The process has completely changed and we wanted to take you through the steps in this blog on […]

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Blog’s Reach

Laura-Lee Walker is the blogger behind Mybeak Social Media, where she helps folks navigate the world of technology, especially social media, by creating a fun space for her community to read, share, and experience social media together.  Social Media is her passion, and Laura-Lee has been known to eat it, breath it and have been known to […]