Month: October 2019

How to Share Instagram Posts to your Story

  Sharing an Instagram post is easier than ever with the app’s “add post to your story” option. With around 500 million Instagram Stories users daily, there is no reason why your business shouldn’t be taking advantage of this great marketing tool! Sharing posts to your story allows your business to self promote while also […]

Facebook is Removing Your Gray Verification Badge

Have you noticed the big red notification at the top of your Facebook page that says, “Gray Badges Will be Removed October 29th?”  Don’t be alarmed, Facebook is now starting to notify verified Facebook Pages that they will be removing these types of verification for all pages. Before we go further, you should know that […]

A Quick Guide to Tracking Social Media Followers

Admit it, we all want more social media followers. While it might not be your key metric, we can all agree that 10,000 social followers, is better than 1,000, right? The key here is to grow a following of targeted audience members…aka customers. Buying followers is not the route to go (yes, people do that […]

Facebook Introduces Direct Messaging Feature to Facebook Stories Ads

Customers can now direct message with businesses through Facebook stories. Facebook announced that the new feature will be added to Instagram and Messenger. The “Send Message” feature will be a swipe-up option that will then prompt a Messenger conversation. The news worthy thing to note here is that the new swipe-up option will allow businesses […]

Facebook Ad Creative Idea: User-Generated Content

  As marketers, we have all been in the following situation: Your client wants you to run perfect Facebook ads but they don’t have or they’re taking too long to send graphics or videos for you to use. Next thing you know, you have just a few days to get the ad running and you […]

Facebook to Test Hiding Like Count

Facebook plans to roll out a new way their users experience the platform by making like, reaction, and video view counts private. Facebook started hiding likes on posts in Australia September 27th and will see if the feedback shows an improvement in people’s experiences. If this plan succeeds in Australia, it could expand to more […]