Month: November 2012

10 Ways to Build Your Brand Using Social Media

Shane Jones is a Senior Social Outreach Specialist at WebpageFX. He also is the founder of Local Soccer News, a League Soccer News blog. He is also a traveling fanatic, and writes about his bucket list on his personal blog, Shane Patrick Jones. 1. Be Active You might be going into social media under the […]

Mobile App Monday – Flow Free

Well… I had a four-day weekend and I just so happened to find an app that would keep me busy for hours! On top of all the turkey eating and Black Friday shopping, I filled the rest of my time by playing Flow Free. Flow is a free app that requires you to just connect the […]

5 Steps to Business Success at Pinterest

Jessica Kornfeind is the Marketing Coordinator at MycroBurst. You can tweet her at @JesKorn!     With the introduction of Pinterest for businesses, companies are trying to find their place. Many companies are using the platform successfully to tell the story of their company, while others are still learning. If you’re still trying to learn how […]

How Real Estate Agents Can Utilize Social Media

Danielle Garofalo is the Founder of Noisecut, a company that focuses on advancing social media and marketing techniques for the luxury real estate market. She enjoys helping those who share her passion for real estate by discussing the techniques that made her a success in sales and marketing for both small businesses and Fortune 100 companies. […]

Don’t Be a Dummy: Set S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Objectives

If you think back to your Marketing 101 class, you will probably vaguely remember the concept of setting S.M.A.R.T. objectives (if you need a refresher on objectives versus goals/strategy/tactics, check that out here), and if you’re lucky, you will even remember your professor telling you that setting S.M.A.R.T. objectives is the basis for any successful […]

Mobile App Monday – TGI Black Friday

It seems like Black Friday preparation starts earlier every year… but I can’t complain! I enjoy the extra time to develop a strategy and plan an adventure that will hopefully score me some great gifts for a fraction of the original prices. A mobile app that I recently found was actually launched in 2011 and […]

3 Simple Ways to Integrate Twitter and SEO Strategies

Consumers discover online. They discover services and products, they discover memes and cartoons, they discover ideas and thought. And they discover all of this through online search. And if that’s how people are discovering, that’s how businesses need to focus on being discovered. Earlier this week, I launched an ebook, Learning SEO from the Experts, that […]

Mobile App Monday – Instagram

It’s official… I have finally joined the Instagram world! I traded in my BlackBerry this past weekend for an iPhone and all I can say is, “Why didn’t I make the trade earlier!?” Although I don’t take many pictures, I LOVE looking at all types of photos. Whether it’s food, clothing, makeup, plants, sunrises, friends, […]