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Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast: Interview with Brian Enright (Your Franchise Biz and Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids) – West Chester Pennsylvania

On the Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast, we interview Brian Enright from West Chester Pennsylvania. Brian Enright has an extensive background in sales and sales leadership primarily within the Senior Care space. As he transitioned from employee to employer he also transitioned the demographic he served from Seniors to the opposite end of the spectrum, […]

Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast: Interview with Dan Wright (Treehouse World)- West Chester Pennsylvania

On this episode of the Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast, we interview Dan Wright from West Chester Pennsylvania. Dan Wright went out on a limb in 2003 when he founded Tree Top Builders, but it wasn’t without precedent. Treehouse construction was actually the culmination of several of his past life experiences. He and his dad […]

Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast: Interview with Tyrone Taylor ( Anchor Property Solutions LLC and Epcot Crenshaw Corporation) -West Chester Pennsylvania

On the Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast, we interview Tyrone Taylor from West Chester Pennsylvania. Tyrone is the Co-Founder and CEO of Anchor Property Investment Solutions, a real estate investment firm based in West Chester Pennsylvania. He is also the  Co-Founder/ President of Epcot Crenshaw Corporation, a technology and infrastructure development company based in Chester […]

Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast: Interview with Katie Walker (Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce)- West Chester Pennsylvania

The Bad Rhino Local Marketing Podcast is excited to interview Katie Walker from West Chester Pennsylvania. Katie Walker is the President of the Greater West Chester Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce. She has over ten years of executive-level, marketing, board management, event planning, budgetary, and project management experience. In this episode, Katie talks about her experiences […]

How to Use Pinterest Around the Holidays ~ Digital Marketing Services, West Chester PA

Most people don’t come up with holiday or seasonal gifts all on their own. People usually turn to search engines or social media platforms for ideas or websites to purchase products from. You first may think of Google, Instagram, or Facebook, but you do not want to overlook Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine […]

How to Gain Customers for your Local Bar on Social Media ~ Digital Marketing Services Philadelphia, PA

A bar’s social media channel is typically where many first impressions are made on potential customers. A majority of customers will turn to social media to view menus, happy hours, and just the overall environment that your bar may have to offer. If they don’t like what they see on your social media, odds are […]

How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement ~ Digital Marketing Services West Chester, PA

The point of social media for all is to interact with one another, build relationships, and to communicate through photos, videos, and text. For businesses, the point of social media to do all the above while also promoting their products or services. Facebook and Instagram may first come to mind when thinking of social media, […]

Why you should use Pinterest in your Digital Marketing Strategy ~ Digital Marketing Services Philadelphia, PA

Pinterest marketing is extremely impactful. With over 433 million people on the platform, why wouldn’t marketers want to be on Pinterest? Pinterest is the most effective social platform for product knowledge and shopping inspiration. 83% of Pinterest users have made a purchase from content they’ve seen on the platform. So, how can your business use Pinterest […]

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for a Small Business

It’s true that social media platforms are great marketing tools. However, you need a strategy. Without a social media strategy, your efforts will flounder. You’ve definitely heard of content marketing and inbound marketing as a business and website owner. They’re not identical, but they’re similar. An effective social media marketing plan needs content marketing. Content […]