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YouTube BrandConnect Streamlines Influencer Marketing Processes

YouTube BrandConnect, formerly known as FameBit, is an influencer marketing platform rebranded to closely align with the YouTube platform. Google introduced BrandConnect in June to offer a more effective way to connect the right brands to the right creators. This will help create  more meaningful content to viewers that will turn into customers.   What […]

Twitter’s Latest Feature Gives Users Control Over Their Replies

A limited group of Twitter users are currently testing out the app’s latest feature. This new feature will in the future allow all users on the platform to control who can reply to their Tweets. Talks of this new feature have been in the works since early 2020, but now is the first time a […]

8 Strategic Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing Department

Have you ever wondered if you should outsource your marketing? Are there advantages? Disadvantages? Is it affordable? Many companies wrestle with these questions and it brings some uncertainty with it. After all, you’ve grown your business a certain way and it’s brought you to the level you’re at today. Here at Bad Rhino, we help businesses […]

Golf Marketing During Quarantine

Golf marketing during quarantine looks different than your traditional strategies, but success is still attainable. Businesses need to evolve their business to digital pandemic or not. Watch the video to learn more.

4 Marketing Checklist Items For COVID-19

While the world faces the global corona-virus pandemic, business owners are battling through some of their most challenging decisions. Keeping customers, employees, and themselves safe is priority number one. Priority number two is deciding what steps they should take to survive (and potentially thrive) now during social distancing guidelines, quarantines, and isolation. The answers are […]

10 Places to Find High Quality Royalty-Free Images

I know when I first started writing blogs here at Bad Rhino, the process of creating original, attention grabbing visual elements was an overwhelming task for me, as it probably is for many others. The question regarding what images are fair game can be complex and you can’t just grab anything off the internet. If […]

Social Media Image Trends to Expect in 2020

 As we ring in a new year, it is important to be aware of the newest, latest trends when it comes to graphic designs for social media. According to Adobe, the most popular graphic design trends we saw in 2019 were 3D design, realism and eclectic approaches. In 2020, we should expect a major shift […]