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Why You Should Run Facebook Traffic Ads

Facebook Traffic Ads

Facebook Traffic Ads are lacking and Facebook Ad Campaigns are suffering because of today’s desire for immediate gratification. The average business owner or digital marketer wants immediate results. But how does that effect their ad campaigns? They skip right to Facebook Lead Generation Ads and Conversion Ads, focusing only on lowering the cost per result. […]

Twitter is Testing Out a New Feature to Switch to Multiple Accounts

Do you manage multiple Twitter accounts from one device? If you answered yes, there is good news for you. Twitter is testing a new feature that will make managing multiple accounts a much easier process. This new option would give users the ability to switch between accounts during the tweet reply process. In the GIF […]

Facebook is Removing Your Gray Verification Badge

Have you noticed the big red notification at the top of your Facebook page that says, “Gray Badges Will be Removed October 29th?”  Don’t be alarmed, Facebook is now starting to notify verified Facebook Pages that they will be removing these types of verification for all pages. Before we go further, you should know that […]

Snapchat Extends Ad Length Limit

Snapchat has announced it will be extending it’s time limit for advertisements. Those looking to advertise on the picture sharing platform can now feature three minute longs ads. Before, the cap on advertisements was just 10 seconds. The announcement is a considerable move for Snapchat. Before, those looking to advertise on the app were limited. […]

Bad To The Bone: Clutch Names Bad Rhino Leader Among Hospitality & Leisure Marketing Agencies

It’s that time of the year again. We just received news that Clutch has named our team of Rhinos a leader in the leisure and hospitality industry for our advanced social media strategies. A ratings platform and B2B resource, Clutch categorizes businesses based on the work that they provide clients. As part of this process, […]

5 Tips for an Effective Facebook Live Broadcast

Our last blog post taught you how to use Facebook Live, but it essential to know how to make an effective broadcast that is informative, well planned and keeps your viewers’ attention. Last year, 97% of marketers said video helped their customers understand their brand better. Facebook Live is a great tool your business should […]

5 Ways To Use Facebook Live

5 Ways Your Business Can Add Facebook Live to Your Marketing Strategy 1.Give a Behind the Scenes Look Facebook Live is a great way to give your followers a peak into what day to day life is like in your office. In this instance, you would probably want to use vertical video filmed straight from […]

Meet Brooke, Bad Rhino’s new Social Media Marketing Intern

Hi, everyone! My name is Brooke Piazza and I am thrilled to be starting my first internship by joining Bad Rhino as a social media marketing intern! Currently I am a sophomore at West Chester University as a marketing major and a minor in media and culture. I am from the Lehigh Valley and initially […]